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  • Nuala

    Any dates coming up in Clare or Galway ?

  • Simon Fagan

    Not just at the moment. We’re focusing on festivals for the summer.

  • Nuala

    Bought the album yesterday and i LOVE it.

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  • marienique

    … Canada? Please? :)

  • Simon Fagan

    Here you go!… more to be added. Unfortunately it’s only Toronto I’ll be touring this year.

  • Susan

    Was at Navan Live – travelled over from Edinburgh for a few days and caught the gig – fantastic!

  • Helen Bonham

    Bought your album at the beginning of the summer and have really become addicted…you’ll be very welcome in Laois if you ever decide to do a gig down this way.

  • jessica

    any nyc shows? I only see toronto on the list..and you know, DC is only 4 hours away!

  • Simon Fagan

    Cool, glad you enjoyed it. I love it when we get to play big shows like that.

  • Simon Fagan

    I’ll see about getting a gig there soon. Any suggestions on venues?

  • Simon Fagan

    Hey Jessica, I’m still booking NYC gigs but will only be there for 4 days and won;t get a chance to hit DC (18th-22nd Oct). Maybe I’ll see you there ; )