Hey All,

Fancy staring in my next music video for Damn Honey?

We’re shooting a video for Damn Honey next Monday evening and are looking for people to star in it.

It’s based in and around a chip shop and features the following characters:

Asian, Early 20s, Quite good looking (would be very good looking if she tried but whats the point)

Late 50s to 60s, Small skinny Asian man.

Mid to late 20s, overweight, balding.

Late teens to early 20s

Middle aged, overweight

Aged between 9 and 12

That’s right, a hen party!

Drunk Lads:
As above, but male!

If you’s like to take part then please drop us a mail to info@simonfagan.net with a the character you’d like to play and a photo. Also if you know anyone else who might suit the let us know.
If you don’t fit any of the above descriptions but want to appear, then give us a shout as we might be able find a role for you.

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  • Caitriona Kenndy February 13, 2010, 12:16 pm

    Yes Simon, if you have to put me in the background so be it and Bren, Paula and Kayleigh too. Paula’s daughter Sarah is 12 and can round up some friends too.
    Will there be pints after?